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Perfect for laptop users

Keeping on top of your daily tasks has never been easier with this simple, minimal and functional desktop pad from UK brand, Nolki. The pad is A4 width and 7cm high, making it ideal to sit in front of your keyboard or laptop, giving you instant access to your notes and a handy wrist rest too.

Simple design, simple function

The desktop organiser gives you plain space for each day of the week, making it simple to organise your key priorities, goals or appointments.

Product specs


  • All Nolki products have the Blue Angel environmental seal for sustainable paper and eco-friendly production

About the brand

Nolki is a design brand based in London that makes a bold design statement. Founded in 2017, they avoid the plain, the ordinary and the everyday, and make great products for those lovers of design who don’t want prints of flowers or unicorns or red phone boxes.

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