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Hello and welcome to Pen Pusher - your new source for stationery, calligraphy, and lettering inspiration plus some of the most exciting products you can get your hands on today.

We know there's nothing quite like the feeling of opening up a beautiful fresh notebook and putting pen to paper for the first time. Stationery is a wonderfully sensory experience, from the smell of good-quality paper to the satisfying glide of a pen nib over smooth paper. That's why we are committed to selecting only the best products and giving you the information you need to make the right pairings of pens, inks and paper.

We are working to bring you a superb selection of stationery to choose from, ranging from dependable big-name brands like Pentel and Tombow to independent and unique brands like the eco stationery range VENT for Change. We have a super range of calligraphy products, ideal for seasoned hands or complete newcomers keen to make their mark in the world of hand lettering. You'll be able to choose from nibs, pen holders, inks, brush pens and calligraphy practice sheets, all with helpful advice and inspiration on how to get started.

Sustainability is an important consideration for us, which is why we're committed to bringing you the best independent, eco-friendly brands and we promise we will never use any additional plastics in our packaging and postage materials.

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Stay pen pushers and proud,

Gavin Burrell - founder of Pen Pusher

Gavin Burrell
Owner & founder of Pen Pusher 

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