Meet the makers

As well as being passionate about pens, we're inspired by the people who put pens, nibs and ink to incredible use. Throughout the year, we'll be bringing you exclusive interviews with lettering artists, calligraphers, designers and more to share their stories, behind-the-scenes tips and advice, and some of their amazing work.

Here are the inspiring artists we've been lucky enough to speak with so far...

Meet Jessamin Foster

Jessamin Foster from Jessamin Loves Calligraphy

Chichester-based calligrapher Jessamin loves to create calligrams - beautfiul designs in which lettering creates a shape. Find out how she creates these stunning works of art and so much more.
Read our interview with Jessamin here


Meet Angela Reed from Creative Calligraphy

Angela Reed from Creative Calligraphy

South Shields-based calligrapher Angela is an expert in Copperplate calligraphy and teaches workshops in the North East.

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Meet Katie Langley from LettersFromLangers

Katie Langley from LettersFromLangers

Katie Langley hails from the south coast of the UK and channels her wry sense of humour into her lettering.

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Meet Andra Elena Danciu from AdaDLetters

Andra Elena Danciu from Ada D. Letters

Romanian-born brush lettering expert Andra from @adadletters now lives in Leicester, UK and shares her wonderful artistic skills with the world on her Instagram channel.

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 Meet Mariam Iqbal Mirza

Mariam Iqbal Mirza from Calligraphy by Mariam

Fan of Gothic Calligraphy and Fraktur, Lahore-based calligrapher Mariam has developed her own fusion of Blackletter and Fraktur scriptsto create her signature style.

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