Ever wanted to hit Undo on your brush lettering mistakes? Now you can

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Erase the ink from many popular brush pens with brushEX

Discover the tool that erases brush pen mistakes

It's so frustrating when one small slip ruins the overall look of your composition. Ever wanted to hit Undo and correct a mistake in your brush lettering? Well now you can do just that with the novel brushEX tool.

Whether you want to correct mistakes in your modern calligraphy, blurry smudges in your bullet journal or ink spills in your artwork, brushEX is the tool for the job.

Erase water-based brush pens with the brushEX

One solution for so many problems

Available in three tip sizes - Regular, Fine and Flat - the brushEX is a brush pen filled with a special solution to erase water-based brush pen ink. It works with a wide range of popular non-permanent pens, including the Tombow ABT Dual Brush, Ecoline, Karin and ONLINE Calli.Brush markers, and should be able to erase most water-based dye inks.

It's worth noting that this isn't the solution for all brush pens, as it won't work with pigment inks like metallic brush pens or the Fudebiyori Milky White, or the permanent inks used in Tombow Fudenosuke or the Pentel Brush Sign Pigment.


To use the brushEX pen, just give the sides a little squeeze to fill the top chamber with solution, then gently brush over the area you wish to erase. With most light inks, the colour should quickly fade away, disappearing completely once the solution is dry. With darker and more richly pigmented inks, you may find the first application lightens the colour and a second application is required to completely erase it.

Get creative with the brushEX pens

Let's get creative 

There are many more applications for the brushEX pens beyond just correcting mistakes in your brush lettering. For example, you can use the pens as brush markers themselves to write onto a watercolour background or use them to add highlights to your watercolour artwork. Try flicking the solution onto a galaxy background to create a sky full of stars.

What's more, the pens work with many water-based stamping inkpads too, so they can be incorporated into craft and cardmaking projects!

Flick the solution onto galaxy backgrounds to create a sky full of stars

A few tips to get you started

  • TRY BEFORE YOU APPLY - I wouldn't recommend diving straight in, especially with your painstakingly lettered calligraphy. It's a good idea to start off with a scrap of your paper to see how well the brushEX pen erases your brush marker ink. Use a sample of your project paper to get a true picture of how it will work.

  • THIN PAPER - The brushEX solution is quite wet, so with very thin paper, you may experience some wrinkling. Use the solution sparingly in this case, allowing it to dry between applications. 

  • COLOURED PAPER - The brushEX solution contains a small trace of bleach, so it may strip some of the colour out of your coloured paper! In these cases, it won't be of much use as a correction tool but think of all the creative uses for this bleaching effect!

  • USE ON DRY INK - When erasing mistakes or using the pens to letter on a coloured background, let your coloured ink dry out first or the brushEX solution may bleed into the wet areas. You can use the solution on wet ink though for artistic effects that you don't want to be pin sharp.
  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN - With a small trace of bleach in the pens, they should be kept away from pets, children, clothing and your soft furnishings!

Find out more

There's a Facebook page dedicated to brushEX where you can share tips and learn more about how to use these handy pens

You can get hold of the three brushEX pens and refill bottles in the UK right here at Pen Pusher



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