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Magically erase brush pen ink

Have you ever made a mistake in your artwork or lettering, ruining hours of painstaking work? The solution is on hand!

brushEX pens contain a special liquid that erases brush pen inks, stamping inks and water-based watercolours on paper. One application will erase or lighten your work, and multiple applications can be used if you leave it dry between coats. Better still, once dry, you can write over the area again as if the paper was new! Not only can you use it to correct mistakes but you can even use it to letter onto watercolour backgrounds, erasing the colour where you've lettered.

Versatile action

The brushEX pens can erase ink from a huge range of pens, including Tombow ABT Dual Brush, Ecoline, Karin, ONLINE Calli.Brush or other water-based brush pens and watercolours. The effects can vary depending on ink, colour and paper, so make sure you test on a scrap of paper before using on your projects.

There is also refill solution available when your brushEX pen runs dry.

Product specs

  • brush pens containing watercolour ink eraser solution
  • three brush tip options - Regular (20mm brush tip), Fine (10mm brush tip) & Flat 4mm wide flat tip) 


brushEX solution contains a small amount of bleach, so be careful with how you use and store your pens, and keep them out of reach of children. It's best to test the solution on a scrap of the paper you wish to try before using on your project. The solution may affect the colour of non-white surfaces.

The Pen Pusher promise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jolanda van Stratum
BrushEx brush pen eraser

They asked me for a review, well I did not receive my pen eraser!!! A very expensive eraser because I had to pay extra taxes to get it shipped into my country and I didn't even receive it, the pen costed me now €24,00 and I have notihng!!!

Gail Borczyk
Not worth the money

This pen does not erase brush pens on mixed media paper. Acts much more like a watercolor brush. I should demand a refund. Cost over $20 with shipping! Don't waste your money

Thompson, Brenda
A very welcome addition to my painting supplies

Looking forward to some serious watercolour projects using this magical brush pen eraser as I have only tried it out and got to say I’m impressed beyond my wildest dreams. Removes watercolour like magic.

Linda OConnor
maybe ok for darker paper, not good on white paper

I tried this on several inks/paints/brushes and several papers and wasn't impressed. It doesn't actually erase the unwanted pigment but seems to dissolve it. The unwanted smudge or brush stroke can be brushed away but the dissolved ink soaks in leaving a coloured mark on the page. So you are replacing one flaw with another bigger, paler, flaw.

Fascinating tool

This brush pen eraser is fascinating. I was able to erase the middle of my lettered words and then overwrite them without a problem. It works so good and fast. I used it on a 250 gsm acid free mixed media paper. It worked wonders! I am looking forward to other projects with it.

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