Pentel Arts Dual Metallic Brush Sign Pen - 8 colours available


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One pen, two shimmering shades

The brand-new Pentel Dual Metallic brush pens are a super new way of bringing shimmering colour to your projects.

Each pen is filled with gorgeous pigment glitter and dye ink for rich metallic colours, with the flexibility of a true brush-style tip. The versatile nylon brush retains its shape and allows you to flood the page with wide, expansive strokes. Or you can hold the brush pen at a different angle to create light, delicate lines. 

Two colours in one

Simply press the button at the end of the barrel to provide a smooth, vivid ink supply. The beautiful Dual Metallic ink will give you differing shimmering results on light and dark paper, effectively giving you two colours in one. For instance, what looks blue on light paper becomes a metallic green on a dark surface.

There are 8 pens to choose from, giving you 16 colours overall:

  • Black + Metallic Red
  • Blue + Metallic Green
  • Green + Metallic Blue
  • Orange + Metallic Yellow
  • Pink + Metallic Pink
  • Violet + Metallic Blue
  • Gold + Gold
  • Silver + Silver


Product specs

  • Flexible bristle-style brush nib
  • Responsive tip is ideal for brush work, illustrations and calligraphy

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jessamin Foster
So sparkly!!

These brush pens are really brilliant, super juicy and sparkly. Love the colour changing effect in different lights!

dan edwardson
The sparkliest brush pen in town

I am obsessed with these gel pens. They are so juicy and the sparkle is incredible. The brush nib is perfect for creating beautiful calligraphy.

I am obsessed and I need them all!

Beautiful to use and so sparkly!

These brush pens are a joy to hand letter with. They have the flexibility to give very thin upstrokes and thicker downstroke. Beautiful on both dark and light card. Disclaimer: I’m a Pen Pusher Ambassador, but these pens are amazing in my honest opinion.

Saveria Bramanti
My new favourites

Just amazing. The colours are super vibrant, juicy and glittery. Perfect for art on every coloured paper and for brush calligraphy, even though I wouldn’t recommend if you are a beginner as it works more like a paintbrush. Overall my new “must have”.

Emma Farley
Massively exceeded expectations

These are way beyond what I expected. So consistently glittery and shiny and great on all paper.

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