The perfect luxury gift for stationery lovers

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 Luxury black wood pencil set from Katie Leamon

Your search for the perfect stationery gift is over!

Stationery lovers can be a delight to buy gifts for; there are so many options available to the would-be present giver. But wait! Are there too many options? And what kind of pens do they like? Are they a fountain pen user? And do they have it already? Things just got complicated.

There's one item of stationery you can guarantee the vast majority of people will both use and keep coming back to, and that's the humble pencil. 

The king of stationery

It's claimed that NASA spent millions designing a pen that would work in space, while the Russians used a simple pencil. That's not entirely but true but it makes a lot of sense - the pencil works on virtually all surfaces and for every occasion. Whether you are sketching, designing, writing or note-taking, there's a pencil for every occasion.

Did you know you can use a pencil to create calligraphy? Press down lightly on the upstrokes and more firmly on the downstrokes to vary your stroke width. This works best with a slightly blunt pencil

There's a selection of beautiful pencil sets to choose from

A gift to treasure

It takes more than a simple HB pencil to make a good gift though, which is where the mesmerising range of luxury pencils from Katie Leamon come in. Proudly made in the UK, Katie Leamon has created a wide array of pencils in a range of designs and grades, which are a delight to behold. Best of all though, these have been curated into beautiful Luxury Pencil Sets, elevating pencils into something thoroughly desirable.

Each of the sets in the range includes a selection of six or seven pencils, all with a common colour scheme to draw them together. Vol. I, for instance is a set of six HB pencils in an opulent mix of gold, grey and black sleeves. Some are foiled with gold lettering, while another bears an on-trend marble design. The true stationery connoisseur will we drawn to the flat carpenter's pencil, which is a thing of beauty.

The classic shades of these pencils are a delight

Delicate colours

Vol. II is a softer selection that brings in tones of pink, gold, teal and blue-grey that has a retro Edwardian feel to it. This set may be ideal for the sketcher in your life, with its mix of grades ranging from 2H to 6B and another swoon-worthy carpenter's pencil.

Alternatively, you may be drawn to the HiDE collection - HB, B and 2B pencils in steel, grey and blush with a striking black wood core. With these pencils, even the shavings are things of beauty.

Sustainability built in

If your gift recipient cares about sustainability and cutting their plastic consumption then these pencil sets make a good option. Completely plastic-free, each set is housed in a cardboard gift box, which keeps the collection looking its best.

Whether you're hunting for the perfect gift for your artistic bestie, a present for a stationery-loving colleague or even a thoughtful Mother's Day gift, these lovely pencil sets are hard to beat.


A selection of Katie Leamon Luxury Pencil Sets are available at Pen Pusher, as well as individual marble pencils and eraser sets.


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