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Use the Pentel Brush Sign Pigment with watercolours and look - no bleed

Create bleed-free pictures every time

Have you ever created a beautiful work of art or piece of calligraphy, only to ruin it when you add some colour?

Most brush pens use water-based ink, which is great if you want to combine the colours and get creative with blending effects. What happens if you want to lay down a design and then add watercolour inks over the top? In most cases, the pen ink will bleed and you can end up with a muddy mess.

A solution is at hand

What you need is a brush pen that uses waterproof ink, which is where the new Pentel Brush Sign Pigment pens come in. These handy pens are every bit as flexible and versatile as the regular Pentel Brush pens, so you can use them for lettering, modern calligraphy and illustration with ease.

The Pentel Brush Sign Pigment markers use a permanent, waterproof pigment, which dries quickly and won't run when you use water-based inks over the top.

Andra shows the Brush Sign Pigment used with Ecoline inks

In the video below, Andra lays down her illustration using a black Pigment brush pen then adds Ecoline watercolour ink over the top. There's no bleed, keeping the illustration crisp, sharp and looking its best.


Pentel Brush Sign pens are available in three colours - Black, Grey and Sepia - and you can pick them up right here at Pen Pusher.



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