How to create colour blends the easy way with the Kuretake Brushables

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Andra puts the Kuretake Brushables to the test

Brush up on colour

There are many different techniques for blending colours and achieving smooth gradients from one colour to another. Most of these take some practice, patience and a selection of pens. Today we take a look at a different type of pen that gives you two colours in one.

What makes the Kuretake Brushables markers distinct from other pens is the fact that they're not only double-ended but have a large brush nib on each end. So what's the difference between the two ends, you ask? One side has a richly coloured ink while the other has a lighter ink that's roughly 50% as strong as the other end.

With two tones of the same shade, it's super easy to blend from the lighter to the darker tone and vice versa. Want to show highlights or shadows in your colouring? No problem.

Kuretake Brushables

Beautiful brush tips

In the video below, Andra has used the Pure Violet Brushables marker to whip up some beautiful brush lettering. As you'll see, the Brushables pens have large, flexible brush tips, which are great for large-scale lettering or colouring. 


Unlike most large-tip brush pens, the Brushables use archival-quality pigment ink. This means they are waterproof and will remain vibrant and rich, even for projects on display. On the other hand, it means you can't dilute the ink or blend it using water, so these aren't the right choice if you want to play with more complex colour blends or try watercolour effects. In this case, we'd suggest the Kuretake Fudebiyori or Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens instead. 


The Kuretake Brushables markers are available individually or as a set of 8 pens (that's 16 colours) from Pen Pusher





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