Try creative colour blends with the Pentel Brush Sign pens

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 Create smooth colour blends with your Pentel Brush Sign pens

The most popular small-tip brush pen

The Pentel Brush Sign pens are popular the world over and it's easy to see why. These small-tip brush pens are among the easiest to use for a complete beginner to brush pen art or calligraphy. The firm-but-flexible brush tips make it quite easy to adjust the thickness of the lines you are creating by adding or reducing pressure. By pressing lightly on your upstrokes you can achieve nice thin lines, which change to thicker, more dramatic downstrokes as you press the pen more heavily when drawing it towards you.

Create seamless colour blends using Pentel Touch pens, as shown here by Andra

24 beautiful colours

One of the reasons why the Pentel Brush Sign -previously known as the Pentel Touch - has drawn more fans than some of the similar pens on the market is because of the fantastic range of colours available.

The Pentel Brush Sign pens are available in 24 varied colours

If you want to write in black, that's no problem at all, but there's a full rainbow of 24 colours now available. The latest 12 released added lovely jewel tones and pastel colours, giving you so many more options.


Seamless colour blends

The beauty of the water-based ink in the Brush Sign pens is that it can be quite easy to create seamless colour blends, as Andra shows in the video above.

Dip the tip of your Brush Sign pen in a water-based ink for a few seconds and the tip will take on the colour of the ink. As you write with the pen, the colour will transition smoothly from the ink colour back to the original.

This works best when dipping a lighter colour into a stronger ink and is particularly effective with a very saturated ink, like the Ecoline watercolour inks. Have a play around with different options and see what colour blends you can create!



The Pentel Brush Sign pen is available individually or in 12-pen sets here at Pen Pusher. For colour blends, make sure you choose the standard Brush Sign Pens and not the Pigment pen

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