Get creative with the Pentel Brush Sign pens

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July is Inspiration Month at Pen Pusher, so we're putting some of our favourite pen ranges in the spotlight and showing you a range of ways to put them to use.

Let's get creative with the Brush Sign pens

I'm a big fan of brush pens because they're so incredibly versatile. The flexible nature of brush tips give you a similar control to a paintbrush, enabling you to change the thickness of the strokes you're creating by adjusting the pressure you apply. This makes them so useful for colouring, artwork and brush lettering - especially with such a wonderful range of colours available.

For those looking to try their hand at brush lettering or modern calligraphy, the Pentel Brush Sign pens - previously known as the Pentel Touch - are an excellent place to start. These pens have a small brush tip with medium flexibility, making them nicely responsive however light or firm your hand. The wide range of colours in the range makes them much better suited to colouring and artwork too than some other brands, making the Brush Sign pen a versatile choice.

Getting started

So once you've got your hands on some Brush Sign pens what's next? In this blog we'll be rounding up some of the ways you can get creative with these handy markers, from brush lettering to colour blending, illustration and more.

Hand lettering practice

Getting good results with any form of calligraphy or hand lettering starts with lots of practice, and it's super important to learn and master the basic strokes. In this video from Jenny of Lettering League you can see how the basic strokes are created using a Brush Sign pen.


Once you've warmed up with practising the basic strokes, you might want to dive into an alphabet. Here's a guide to a lowercase alphabet with How to Hand Letter.


Try doodling & adding shadows

In this video, Andra from Ada D. Letters shows us how easy it is to use the Brush Sign pens to create cute doodles, like a colourful rainbow. Your grey pen isn't left out either - Andra uses this to add a shadow to her lettering to give it extra dimension and pop!

Create your own artwork

With a clutch of brush pens at your disposal, you have everything you need to start creating artwork. Think of them like paintbrushes, pre-loaded with a range of colours - they certainly save the mess of mixing your own paints!

In this video, Andra uses Brush Sign pens to create a field of snowdrops and then finishes the design with some brush lettering.


Create colour transitions

Each brush pen includes a single colour of ink, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative with colour transitions. The Brush Sign pens use a water-based ink and can blend with other watercolour inks.

In this video, Andra shows you what you can achieve by dipping the tip of your brush pen in watercolour ink, such as the rich pigments from Ecoline. Your brush pen will take on the colour of the ink you have dipped into and will transition smoothly back to its original colour as you write it, creating a seamless gradient of colour. 


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  • These videos are all so helpful, I have watched them all again today, and just want to get writing now :)

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