Incorporate metallic watercolours into your lettering

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 Metallic watercolours in action

Watercolour challenge

Watercolour paint is a versatile medium and offers up so many opportunities for lettering and modern calligraphy. You can bring watercolours directly into your designs by using a paint brush to apply lettering to your page or do as Andra has done here, laying down your lettering first with a light coloured brush pen and then layer your watercolours over the top.

Metallic watercolours are infused with reflective pigment that catches the light, creating a wonderful added dimension to your designs. In this project, Andra uses metallic watercolours with metallic brush pens for a wonderfully lustrous result. Watch the video to see Andra's full process. 


This project was created using:

Choosing metallic watercolours

There are plenty of sets of metallic and lustrous watercolour sets to choose from, and any of them should create a nice end result. For this project, Andra opted for the metallic watercolours from Art Sensation, which come in a pack of six decent-sized paint pads - gold, silver, green, light blue, pink and light pink.

Many calligraphers swear by the Finetec watercolour sets from Coliro, which are available in a wide range of metallic and pearl colours. We also like the Gansai Tambi sets from Kuretake, which are available here at Pen Pusher

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