Try metallic brush lettering on black paper for shimmering results

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Showcase metallic inks on black paper to make them pop

Sparkle in silver & gold

Metallic inks can elevate any piece of lettering from good to truly exceptional. The added dimension of lustrous reflection means metallic lettering is dynamic, catching the light in different ways for different looks.

Most metallic inks show up well on white paper but try out your pens on a dark paper or cardstock and the effect is often amplified even further. This is very much true for the metallic Zig Fudebiyori pens from Kuretake. Available in nine sparkling shades, the metallic Fudebiyori markers have the same large flexible nibs as their regular counterparts, but the shimmering ink gives you new options and are perfect for festive projects.

In this project, Andra has used the black, silver and gold pens from the collection and shows just what they can do - take a look at that silver!

For more inspiration from Andra, follow her on Instagram at Adadletters

9 shades of metallic Zig Fudebiyori markers are available here at Pusher

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