Try modern calligraphy using Pentel Touch brush pens

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Modern calligraphy using Pentel Touch pens by Andra at Adadletters

Express yourself with modern calligraphy 

Modern calligraphy is a relaxed style, which gives room for self expression and your own character to shine through. Whether you use a dip pen and ink or a brush pen, the key to achieving great results is practice, practice, practice. Don't be discouraged if your early attempts don't yet live up to where you want your calligraphy to be, practice is progress.

In this video, Andra from Adadletters on Instagram uses the Pentel Touch Brush Sign pens, a Rhodia pad and her own guidelines to create some beautiful modern calligraphy. 

Like all calligraphers, Andra has developed her style through years of practice, so here's a glimpse at where her lettering was at just a few years ago...

Andra's lettering in 2018 


For more inspiration from Andra, follow her on Instagram at @adadletters

Andra also shares content, alphabets and guidelines at her website,

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