Add shadows to your lettering - Andra shows us how

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Modern calligraphy from Andra of Adadletters

For her latest lettering process video, Andra from Adadletters revisted a quote she first lettered a year ago.

Rather than comparing your modern calligraphy against other people's who may have been practising far longer than you, it's much more beneficial to compare your progress against where you came from. This way you can see just how far your brush lettering skills have progress.

Here's a side-by-side look at Andra's work from a year ago and now.

Andra's lettering from a year ago Andra's lettering today

In the video below, Andra shows you the process of creating her latest modern calligraphy art and demonstrates how to add shadows to your lettering using the twin-tip Fudenosuke marker from Tombow.


For more inspiration from Andra, follow her on Instagram

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