Try pastel brush lettering with Andra from Adadletters

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ONLINE Calli.Brush Pastel Edition markers, put to great use by Andra from Adadletters

Try pastel brush lettering

There's a wonderful range of brush lettering pens available now, giving you a range of tip sizes, firmness and colours to choose from. Rich, bold colours in all the tones of the rainbow can be picked up from a range of brand. If you're looking for something a little softer, your options are a little more limited

Pastel Edition pens from ONLINE

German stationery ONLINE has its own range of dual-tip brush markers, known as Calli.Brush. The difference with the Calli.Brush pens is that they have a large flexible brush nib on one end and a coordinating italic marker on the other, giving you the option to try and mix traditional calligraphy styles and modern brush lettering with the same pen.

Among the different sets in the Calli.Brush range is the beautiful Pastel Edition set. The five soft-toned pens in the set include soft mint, yellow, pink and lilac plus a gentle grey - ideal for shadows.

In this video, the fabulous Andra from Adadletters puts the full set of Pastel Edition markers to the test, creating a stunning pastel brush lettering design.


Pastel Lettering from Andra at Adadletters

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