Practice your modern calligraphy with a full alphabet

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Brush lettering from Andra at Adadletters

Practice makes progress

There are three sure ways to improve your brush lettering or modern calligraphy - practice, practice and practice. To create consistent shapes, you need to train up your hand and that means running through practice strokes and characters at every opportunity until it becomes second nature.

A little advice for beginners

We asked Andra from Adadletters for her advice for newcomers to modern calligraphy:

"The only person you should compare yourself with is yourself. You must compare your own work, old and new. No matter what, just pick up your pens because you can do this! You will be amazed what keeping consistent and focused can do for you as an artist. Visualise your progress, visualise your goals. Find good resources and start building your muscle memory. Consistent practice of the basic strokes will change everything, even if you just sit at a table for 15 minutes per day. Stick with it and believe in yourself!"

From a small start you can achieve big results

To give you some confidence, Andra has shared some of her early lettering attempts from two years ago, which shows just how far she has come:

Andra's early lettering attempts Andra's early alphabet 

These are quite a distance from the elegance and skill she can achieve now, and the difference has been practice, and lots of it!


For more inspiration from Andra, follow Adadletters on Instagram

Andra created this process video using the Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip marker


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