Write in all the shades of grey with the Calli.Brush Grey Edition set

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Brush lettering with the ONLINE Calli.Brush Grey Edition pen set

5 shades of grey

When it comes to pens, we love all the colours of the rainbow and the range of different tones available is both bewildering and bewitching. Sometimes though, it's the subtleties that we seek, and the Grey Edition pens in the Calli.Brush range deliver that beautifully.

This special set from German stationery expert ONLINE provides five different shades of grey, ranging from a rich charcoal grey right down to a light whisper grey. As well as giving you a super selection of options for drawing, lettering and calligraphy, these are perfect for adding shadows to whatever project you happen to be working on.

Dare to Dream by Andra from Adadletters


5 colours, 2 tips, a world of opportunities

What makes the ONLINE Calli.Brush pens a little different in the world of brush markers is that these double-tip pens combine a thin angled 2mm calligraphy nib for traditional itallic calligraphy styles with a wide flexible brush nib for creative writing, hand lettering and illustration. Where else can you combine both traditional and modern calligraphy in one pen?

In the videos below, Andra from Adadletters tries out the Grey Edition pens, showing off the subtle range of shades they offer. In the second, Andra also adds some subtle highlights using one of our new favourite pens - the Kuretake Zig Fudebyori Milky White brush pen. 



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