Try creative effects with the metallic Fudebiyori brush pens

Posted by Gavin Burrell on

Create world-style lettering using Fudebiyori markers

The creative opportunities with brush markers are endless, and when using them for brush lettering or modern calligraphy, there are so many different ways to blend and colour.

For this latest piece, Andra has used the metallic Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori brush pens along with the new Milky White Fudebiyori Pigment marker to recreate the look of continents, oceans and clouds in her lettering. Watch the step-by-step video below to learn how Andra blended her way to this marvel of colouring!


For more inspiration from Andra, follow her on Instagram at Adadletters


The full range of Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori markers is available right here at Pen Pusher:

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